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What is Satori?

Satori is a Japanese word often found in association with Zen concepts. It is seen as the key to opening doors on the journey of awakening. It is not something that can be described in words; it is something we feel intuitively without definition. The experience of it can bring joy, a feeling of well-being, peacefulness, calm and contentment. It enriches us and brings a sense of balance and perspective to our lives.

Here at our wellness center, our intention is to foster an experience of Satori for you.
Our vision is to create a community where our clients are empowered towards health in body, mind and spirit. Through traditional acupuncture, massage therapy, workshops and other therapeutic modalities, we provide opportunities for transformation, healing, and self-discovery.

Take advantage of time honored traditions and let go of your roadblocks to optimal health and well-being. We invite you to open the door and begin your journey.