Clean Fifteen Dirty Dozen? And the winners are…

After the Oscars, before the Tony’s, here’s another list of winners and losers we’ve been waiting for. ..

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) “Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides” aka the “Clean Fifteen” and “Dirty Dozen”, emerged on April 24, in time for Earth Day. The EWG, an environmental watchdog group, takes the USDA’s data on pesticide residues in conventionally grown fruits and vegetables and compiles the best and worst into a pocket-sized chart. When faced with a growing array of organically grown produce from farmer’s markets to Safeway, here’s a way to help you choose which products merit the extra money.  

For the third year in a row, apples top the “Dirty Dozen” list. Cherry tomatoes and hot peppers showed up for the first time, and blueberries and lettuce have dropped off the list.  A single grape and a bell pepper in this evaluation tested positive for 15 pesticides each. Single stalks of celery, individual cherry tomatoes and sweet bell peppers tested positive for 13 different pesticides each. Wow!

Corn tops the “Clean Fifteen” list again this year, along with papaya, a newcomer. EWG points out that many of the safest options, including corn and papayas, benefit from a natural protective coating. However, that summertime favorite, watermelon, dropped off the clean list even though that rind seems pretty protective to us.

Use this list to kick start the season by shopping healthfully and eating right!
Dirty Dozen 2013:
Sweet bell peppers
Nectarines (imported)
Cherry tomatoes
Hot peppers

Clean Fifteen 2013:
Sweet peas (frozen, since they’re more readily available)
Sweet potatoes

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My Mistletoe Evening

A cause close to Kathy's heart...

I wanted to take this opportunity to share with you a cause that moved me deeply and may inspire you or someone you know. We have all been affected by cancer either directly or indirectly.

Last December, I participated in a community outreach event at Athleta Dulaney Plaza in Towson. I was there to share a bit of what I know about acupuncture and to let customers, family and friends experience it for themselves. It was perfect timing to ease some stress for holiday shoppers! That's when I met Ivelisse, a beautiful, vibrant woman who happened to be out shopping with her daughter. As she handed me her card, she spoke a bit about her own experience with acupuncture and alternative medicine. Ivelisse was diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer at the age of 37. She chose an unconventional route of treatment utilizing alternative medicine (including Mistletoe therapy) as part of a treatment regimen to support her through the healing process. Ivelisse later co-founded Believe Big with her husband to help families navigate the journey of cancer treatment by providing resources, direction and hope.

Four years ago, Ivelisse was given an 8% chance of survival from stage IV colon cancer and is now completely cancer-free. Recently, I had the privilege of attending a Believe Big dinner event where Ivelisse shared her amazing story of strength, courage and determination along with several other inspiring speakers. I also heard from the physicians who treated Ivelisse, Dr. Luis Diaz, a Johns Hopkins oncologist and Dr. Peter Hinderberger, a homeopathic physician. They spoke on the importance of an integrated approach to cancer treatment. One of the alternative therapies in Ivelisses' treatment regimen included Mistletoe injections from Dr. Hinderberger. Believe Big, Dr. Diaz and Dr. Hinderberger are collaborating with Johns Hopkins to develop a Mistletoe Clinical Trial for the treatment of certain cancers.

If you want to learn more about Believe Big and Mistletoe therapy, click here or watch the five minute Fox 45 video "Mistletoe as Medicine" at the link below:

Please feel free to forward this information to anyone you think might benefit from it.

A deep bow to you Ivelisse for your passion, faith and commitment to this work!

With much love and gratitude for each and every moment,

Yoga Pose for Nourishing the Uterus


In 2000, A Harvard Medical School researcher conducted a study on a group of women who been diagnosed with unexplained infertility. She developed a 10 session fertility program which included yoga, meditation and healthy lifestyle training. Within one year of participating in the study, 55% of the women in the program became pregnant compared with only 20% in the control group. If you are trying to conceive, yoga can play an important role in increasing your fertility. 


Here is a simple yoga pose that can be done at home. "Waterfall" or Vaparita Karani.

This pose is restorative and helps to calm the nervous system and the heart rate. It is powerful for women because of its inversion qualities and ability to focus on the reproductive organs.

Find space at a wall.  Place a bolster or thick firm cushion, a couple of inches from the wall.  Sit on the cushion and walk your legs up the wall until your hips are level and your back is on the floor.  Put one hand on your belly and one hand on your heart or the arms can lay open, creating space in the heart.

This pose is about receiving.  Let your breath be soft and deep, allow your mind to quiet.  You will feel the circulation in your body shift. This pose can be done while you're menstruating as long as the hips are level.  This pose has great healing qualities and is a gem for women.


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Essential Fertility Boosting Foods

What we eat is as important as everything else we do when trying to conceive. Many women don't get serious about eating healthy until after they are pregnant, but new studies show that diet matters long before conception. If you and your partner have made the decision to start a family, try incorporating more of these foods into your diet...

1) Fresh Fruits and Vegetables - They are full of antioxidants which improve healthy cell growth. Many are also loaded with iron, vitamin-D and folate - important nutrients to load up on before pregnancy to avoid birth defects. Dark leafy greens and colorful fruits and veggies ensure proper nutrition, boost immunity and decrease acidosis. The more vivid the hue, the greater the benefit.

2) Whole Grains - You don't need to eliminate carbs, just choose wisely. Whole grains like quinoa and brown rice help to stabilize blood sugar. When you eat white breads, white rice, and other refined carbs, the rapid rise in blood sugar forces your body to compensate with a surge in insulin. Over time, increased insulin production may throw other hormone levels off balance, including reproductive hormones.

3) High Fat Organic Dairy- That's right, go for the whole milk. Studies have found that one serving of the healthy fats found in dairy can be of great benefit to women who do not overproduce phlegm in the body. A recent study from the Harvard School of Public Health found that low-fat dairy products can have an abnormal effect on ovarian function.

4) Water - When you don't drink enough water, your cervical fluid becomes sluggish. The same goes for a man's ejaculate fluid. Healthy cervical and ejaculatory fluid is essential in helping sperm find its way to the egg. Drink enough water so that your urine is a light yellow color.

5) The "Good" Fats - Add lots of foods rich in monounsaturated, polyunsaturated and omega-3 fatty acids. These fats reduce inflammation and insulin sensitivity. You can find them in oils, walnuts, sesame and pumpkin seeds, avocados, sardines and wild-caught salmon.

Stay tuned for more tips on trying to conceive next week!