The summer season is upon us and we have moved into the element of fire. For those of you not familiar with the Five Element model, this season represents the height of yang energy. The potential of life has burst forth and is moving into its’ maturity. The warm sun shines longer, the trees are fuller, and creatures big and small are out and about in the world. We are wearing fewer clothes and fun things are happening!

The Fire is about passion, friendship, joy, and laughter. This is a time to focus on our connections with each other and to cultivate meaningful encounters with our loved ones. How do you experience this season?

The Fire element in balance, allows a person to be open to others and for ability to experience the deep love of an intimate relationship. It’s what lets us enjoy the humor in life, to be spontaneous and calls us to express ourselves passionately in the world.

Fire out of balance can take many forms; it can be either in excess or lacking. If this element is excessive in us, we will literally overheat and be flushed easily. There may be restlessness and agitation, almost manic in nature. If it is lacking, there may be a tendency to wear your heart on your sleeve and to hold an intense fear of rejection. People with issues in this element often have difficulty in sustaining relationships and can feel extremely vulnerable in both social and intimate settings.

Stay tuned next week, for some tips on how to keep your fire healthy and balanced …

In the meantime if you feel your fire is need of help, schedule an acupuncture appointment this month. The Summer Solstice is almost here and now is the best time to get this element on track!