The buds of spring have made way for the more succulent fruits and vegetables of summer. Nature has provided us with a natural array of foods that balance the intense heat that marks this time of year for us. Now is the time to consume more liquids and raw, fresh foods. Generally, a lighter diet this time of year is better unless you do intense physical activity. It’s good to reduce foods high in fat and protein to allow for simpler foods to fuel our bodies. Cool yourself from the inside out with this list of  foods to add to your diet this season. No A.C. required!


Eat more cantaloupe, honeydew, watermelon and papaya! These juicy gems keep you hydrated as well as fortified with lots of vitamins. They have a diruetic effect which can help reduce the puffiness often experienced when the humidity hits the roof.

Sprouted Grains

Here’s a great link for a do it yourself sprouting at home. Sprouted grains encourage the growth of good bacteria in the gut,  are high in protective antioxidants, and are a good source of fibrer and protein. Because they are easily digestable, the body uses less energy to integrate them into our system, keeping us cooler after mealtimes.


Besides being loaded with antioxidents and flavonoids, these delectable treats are energetically cooling. They are fluid-filled and very hydrating. They can also do wonderful things like boost memory, delay the onset of alzeimer’s, help you loose weight and stabalize your blood sugar. While more is better, as little as two servings a week can make a real difference in your health.

The 3 C’s

Cabbage, Cucumber and Celery. Cabbage is alkaline in nature and is great for soothing a “hot” stomach. Cucumber and celery are mostly liquid, so they can aid in hydration.  All three of these cooling summer harvests are loaded with phytochemicals and vitamins. They help move the bowels, are mild diruetics and have been lauded for their anti-inflamitory and anti-carcinogenic properties.


It’s no coincidence that mojitos are so popular this time of year. Mint is cooling and a good relaxant.  It induces sweating, which lowers your body temperature. Mint juice can also be applied topically on sunburned areas of the body to heal and soothe them. Mint is also beneficial for relieving nasuea and headaches which can occur in cases of overheating.  Try adding fresh mint to your water, tea or even your fresh fruit salad.