In 2000, A Harvard Medical School researcher conducted a study on a group of women who been diagnosed with unexplained infertility. She developed a 10 session fertility program which included yoga, meditation and healthy lifestyle training. Within one year of participating in the study, 55% of the women in the program became pregnant compared with only 20% in the control group. If you are trying to conceive, consider adding yoga into your fertility program. Here is a simple yoga pose that can be done at home.

Waterfall Pose (Vaparita Karani)

This pose is restorative and helps to calm the nervous system and the heart rate. It is powerful for women because of its inversion qualities and ability to focus on the reproductive organs.

Find space at a wall. Place a bolster or thick firm cushion, a couple of inches from the wall.  Sit on the cushion and walk your legs up the wall until your hips are level and your back is on the floor. Put one hand on your belly and one hand on your heart or the arms can lay open, creating space in the heart.

This pose is about receiving. Let your breath be soft and deep, allow your mind to quiet. You will feel the circulation in your body shift. This pose can be done while you are menstruating as long as the hips are level.  This pose has great healing qualities and is a gem for women.

Top Photograph By: kellinahandbasket